Michael Hanson Product Designer

For ten years at Hudl, I led teams crafting experiences for coaches, athletes, and teams across multiple sports and platforms.

You can see my résumé here, or learn a little more about me.

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I have also created several personal projects. Here are a selection of those.

A web interface showing several cards, each card has a title, an emoji, and an amount due.
A Dashboard for Beeminder →
Visual design Programming
A macOS icon for Alacritty, a terminal emulator. The design is an invertd V with a yellow and orange gradient fill. There is a blue and white diamond shape between the arms of the V, connoting something like a rocket exhaust. There are dots like stars in the background.
Alacritty icon for macOS
Visual design
A phone showing an app interface. There are cards with a timestamp and a relative time since the card appeared. The cards have various numbers of tags, each tag containing some letters and an emoji. Some are different colors.
TagTime iOS App
Visual design Interaction design Programming
Two cards, a back side and a front side.
Race for the Galaxy Card Game Redesign
2021 Concept
Art direction Visual design
Four quadrants, each showing a different variation of the brand name ('Beyou') or a tagline ('Don't be someone else'), or both.
Beyou Branding Exploration
2021 Concept
Art direction Visual design
A screenshot of a website for a company called ROOTS. There are pictures of indoor environments, navigation at the top right, and a large heading that says, 'Where keen aesthetic taste meets unqualified luxury.'.
Roots Branding Exploration
2021 Concept
Art direction Visual design
🖐️ Site handcrafted using Figma, SvelteKit, and Tailwind. Deployed to .