Hudl's Design Team Values
Hudl's four design values: We Know Our Users, We Collaborate, We Prototype and Test, and We Light the Path. Each is accompanied by an icon: We Know Our Users with a puzzle, We Collaborate with a network of three dots connected by lins, We Prototype and Test with four arrows in a circle, and We Light the Path with a flashlight.
The Context In 2023, Hudl's VP of Design wanted to create a set of overarching values and principles that would guide Hudl's design team in increasingly impactful work.
My Contribution I conducted research with our design team and cross-functional collaborators to identify four core values that would unite the team and clearly articulate the purpose of having designers at Hudl.
The Results Designers and managers at Hudl have utilized these values to guide their work and career development. Every quarter, design leaders have focused on one of the values, hosting team workshops to discuss and implement its application in their work.