Advanced Reports and Statistics
A card with the abbreviation 'VPS' to the left of an equal sign. To the right of the equal sign is a formula: Points + REB + 2 * (AST + CHG + STL + BLK) divided by FT Misses + 2 * (Misses + FOUL + TO).
After helping to launch Hudl's basketball-focused product (the first non-American football product they built), I was tasked with creating an advanced statistics and reporting tool for the sport.
I rapidly prototyped multiple concepts in Sketch as well as in the browser using React, and later partnered with engineering collaborators to test feasibility. In a short time, we launched a dynamic, filterable data experience that allowed teams to view data across whole seasons and multiple opponents. The platform supported multiple visualizations and eventually became a plug-and-play developer experience for internal Hudl teams integrating new sports.
In 2024, basketball is Hudl's highest-rated experience—it possesses a world-class Net Promoter Score of 78—and the Reports platform is a significant part of that. It has empowered coaches and athletes to make better, more data-driven decisions and has elevated countless teams across leagues and levels.