About Me

I’m Michael. 👋

I think I’ve always wanted to be a product designer. Growing up, we were fortunate to always have a computer in the house. I would use RealBasic and Interface Builder to lay out UIs, and print Objective-C manuals so that I could make my apps do things. I made basic websites in Microsoft FrontPage and designed posters for bands at my high school.

I didn't go to school to be a product designer or a software engineer. Growing up, I didn't realize product design was something one could do. I taught myself to code. I taught myself good design. I absorbed everything I could while working with folks smarter and better than me. And I love the medium of software. I love the craft of design. I love creating experiences that delight. And I love making a difference.

My Approach to Design

  1. Start with the user. Find the problem first. (A solution to the wrong problem is good for no one.)
  2. Prototypes speak louder than words.
  3. One usability test is worth a hundred meetings.
  4. Organizational values and strategy frame everything.
  5. My cross-functional partners have the best ideas.

Me, Personally

My wife and I have been happily married for over 16 years. We have four children, ages 15 to 4. We live in California.

If you were to spy on me on any given evening, you'd probably find me reading a book.